Casa Noble Night at A’Toda Madre Tequila Bar

Casa Noble Night-015

Casa Noble Night-006

Everyone has a bad story or two when it comes to tequila. People remember the times they got smashed after taking one too many shots of the cheap variety. But times are changing and people are discovering that tequila can be enjoyed like any fine wine or single-malt whisky. And to appreciate tequila better I joined the Casa Noble Night at A’Toda Madre tequila bar.

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A Brownie and Coffee

Bucky's and Coffee

A Bucky’s brownie and Flat White at Toby’s Estate Salcedo

“A psychiatrist wrote me a note and said, “I was having a bad day, Ralph. And I walked in and bought one of your things and it made my day.” That’s interesting for a psychiatrist, you know? Design, shopping, creativity … brownies [ laughs]—they’re part of it. I was just in my store, and Ralph’s is a small little shop, but it’s cute. It’s very fresh and pretty. Too small. But I just had a brownie and coffee. It’s great.”

Ralph Lauren

Why You Should Use Sunscreen

I came across this video last month by Thomas Leveritt wherein he asked random people to pose in front of an ultraviolet camera. The video shows how ultraviolet radiation from the sun affects our skin over time. We are born with spotless skin but as we age we slowly develop invisible freckles that is only visible to this type of camera. And that by using sunscreen we are preventing these invisible freckles from appearing. It is a good reminder that we should use sunscreen daily even with minimal exposure to the sun.

Weekly Roundup | Classic Colognes, Ralph Lauren, Shoe Shine

6 Best Classic Colognes (Gear Patrol)
“The word perfume originates from the Latin word perfumare, meaning “to smoke through”. It alludes to the process by which we swiftly extend ourselves into the spaces we choose to occupy. Your choice scent is a nonverbal statement; it defines presence and personality, telling the woman sitting across the bar the things you no longer need to say. But the market is awash with new scents for men, with many more on the way. Plenty of these fragrances smell somewhat familiar, if not completely identical, and that new perfect scent is now the needle in a haystack. The safe road to finding a new fragrance leads back to those favored of men since passed, time-tested and gramps-approved. All of these vintage scents are still in production, proving that some things truly never go out of style.”

Ralph Lauren Interview (
“I think restaurants and food and clothes—I mean, I think it’s all-encompassing. What’s interesting about fashion today is it’s a world, and I think that’s what I’ve done—I’ve made a contribution and I think I’ve built a world. The world is beyond just clothes. Taste and style is beyond clothes. It’s in food; it’s in quality. Working out, healthy bodies, organic food—they’re all part of the same thing. They’re very young in sensibility. We didn’t grow up with that. Young people are growing up with that. I was lucky—my mother cooked. But in reality, the kind of food that’s eaten now and the way people are responding to health, it’s all part of the same thing to me. Looking good, feeling good, you want to be slim, you want to wear that jacket that makes you tighter, makes you feel happier. These simple things are very … interesting. A psychiatrist wrote me a note and said, “I was having a bad day, Ralph. And I walked in and bought one of your things and it made my day.” That’s interesting for a psychiatrist, you know? Design, shopping, creativity … brownies [ laughs]—they’re part of it. I was just in my store, and Ralph’s is a small little shop, but it’s cute. It’s very fresh and pretty. Too small. But I just had a brownie and coffee. It’s great.”

Take a One-Way Trip From Tatty to Natty (Slate)
“When we dress well for travel, we are not only making ourselves look good; we’re also signaling that we are invested in making this shared experience pleasant for everyone around us. Think of it as a kind of sartorial social contract: Honor it and your minor efforts make transit a more pleasing activity; break it, and reveal your misanthropic narcissism to, quite literally, the world. What else to call putting one’s own base comforts above the comfort of all?”

How To Polish Shoes (Mr. Porter)
“Good-quality leather shoes can last a lifetime but only if they’re well looked after. A careful maintenance regime is necessary if you want shoes to retain their appeal in perpetuity – and it also has the added benefit of providing a man with an opportunity for several minutes of Zen-like introspection before he can see his reflection. Ms Berluti walks us through the process, step by step.”

Madras Shirts

Madras Shirt-053

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines means being able to dress in summer clothing all year round. Polo shirts are great but sometimes what one needs is plenty of colour to go with all of that sunshine. And when one thinks of colour and summer there is one fabric that comes to mind: madras. Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup | Cold Climate Clothing, Lapo Elkann Personal Style, Good vs Bad Sunglasses

Q and Answer: What to Pack for Traveling to Cold Climates? (Put This On)
“I used to travel a lot to Russia in the fall and winter months, so I can relate to how difficult it can be to pack light, but also have everything you need. The good news is that above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you can rely on smart layering. Doing so will allow you to be a bit more adaptable as the weather changes, whereas if you pack a big, warm coat, you might be too warm on days that are only chilly. I recommend the following.”

Lapo Elkann talks personal style: Part One (How To Spend It)
“If I had to limit my shopping to one neighbourhood in one cityI’d choose the area of Mayfair between Savile Row and St James’s, for tailors such as Anderson & Sheppard, Huntsman and Richard James, and the Italian shoemaker Gaziano & Girling. I enjoy breakfast at The Wolseley and oysters at Wiltons, plus the excellent Jermyn Street Barbers.”

What’s the difference between good sunglasses and bad ones? (No Man Walks Alone)
“Brand name products cost more than generics, and aren’t always any better. Compare the brand name and generic drugs at CVS, for instance, and you’ll find the same active ingredients each, just with more profit to the manufacturer mixed in for the brand name version. It’s tempting to think that the same applies to the sunglasses sold next to the checkout line. And it’s true that some expensive brand name shades are made with little more care than the gold-rimmed aviators spinning in front of you as you wait to buy your pack of gummy worms. But there are also some sunglasses worth paying more for, as they offer better protection for your eyes and will last longer in the event that you manage not to lose them.”

How to Build a Smart Suit Wardrobe (TSBMen)
“Building a smart wardrobe is one of the most important investments a man can make. The compound benefits over time are truly immeasurable. Like any smart investment, it should involve research, planning, and efficient execution.”

Forgotten Cocktails That Deserve A Revival (First We Feast)
“That got me to thinking: In a revivified cocktail landscape—where orders for the once-unknown Boulevardier are nearly as common as those for Negronis; where one-time provincial New Orleans drinks like the Vieux Carre and De La Louisiane are drunk from Portland, OR, to Portland, ME; where the Remember the Maine, a Charles H. Baker Jr. creation that until recently was familiar only to Baker’s daughter, is greeted by a yawn by the bartender—what other forgotten cocktails are there left to revive? Drinks that are worth reviving, I mean. Drinks that actually taste good and don’t deserve their plot in the cocktail graveyard.”

Mazarin Socks via Mes Chaussettes Rouges

Mazarin Socks via Mes Chausettes Rouges

When you discover something that captivates you, you want to share it with the whole world. That’s what Jacques Tiberghien and Vincent Metzger did after they discovered the house of Gammarelli, tailors to the pope, cardinals and bishops of Rome. They loved the red socks the cardinals wore so much that they bought a hundred pairs from Gammarelli and sold them to friends. They went back for more socks and eventually convinced Gammarelli to allow them to sell their socks online exclusively, thus Mes Chaussettes Rouges (“My Red Socks”) was born.

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Weekly Roundup | Gentleman’s Guide To Tokyo, What Makes A Quality Shirt

The Gentleman’s Guide to Tokyo (Condé Nast Traveler)
“What’s inarguable, however, is that the Japanese have always been obsessives . . . and what’s more, once they become obsessed with something, they invariably improve upon it: a lesson that style writer and professional bon vivant David Coggins learned decades ago, as a freshly minted college graduate, on his first of many visits to Japan.”

What makes a quality shirt (Permanent Style)
“Buy shirts for their fit, then their style, then functional hand-sewing. And look after them. Don’t dry clean; hang dry; tackle stains quickly. Most shirts get stained long before their side seams rip.”

What Clothes Can You Wear for Running? (Put This On)
“There’s a joke about how runners only wear special clothes so that people don’t think they’re running from or to anything. A bit tongue in cheek, but it’s true. Outside of needing running shoes (which you should be professionally fitted for), you can more or less run in anything. Which, frankly, is what makes running so great.”

Menswear Around the World (Wall Street Journal)
“Today, Mr. Santamaria’s appreciation for menswear is global. His new book documents five cities he’s deemed menswear capitals—New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Milan and London. His hometown didn’t make the cut. He explained, diplomatically: “Toronto is one of those cities trying to find itself.” Here, five images from “Men in This Town” and Mr. Santamaria’s take on the unique sartorial charms of each locale.”

The best lavender perfumes (How to Spend It)
“Lavender is a much misunderstood perfume ingredient. “Too simple” is a common response from many who’ve long associated it with aftershaves and soaps. Among perfume materials, lavender may not have the femme-fatale allure of jasmine or tuberose, but in terms of versatility, the essence of its tiny violet flowers often outranks more exotic blooms. It can be found in fragrances from all corners of the perfume map.”

Take Care Of Your Face

Take Care Of Your Face-1

Living in the city can be harsh on the face. There’s the pollution, occasional exposure to the sun, Arctic-level air-conditioning, and of course, alcohol consumption. All this can lead to the accumulation of dirt, sun damage and dryness that will make the face look tired. Here’s my advice for taking care of the face based on what I personally use and do. Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup | Understand The Fit Of A Shoe, Italian Moccasins, Musella Dembech

Understand A Fit Of A Shoe (The Shoe Snob Blog)
“I had a good question from a reader not too long ago and it was all about fit and how big the gap should be between your shoe laces on the facing. I like this question as I feel that there is a lot of misconception about fit and how things should be. Too many people often think that there is a rule and that if the shoes do not fit (no pun intended) within that rule then the shoes don’t suit their foot. What most people fail to realize is that it is not the shoe, but rather their feet that don’t suit most shoes. So, allow me to explain a few things that will affect the fit and how to know whether or not that shoe suits your feet.”

Italian Moccasins (Die! Workwear)
“In men’s clothing, we get most of our traditions from England, but our best casualwear from the US and Italy. Take footwear, for example. Where the English have given us traditional oxfords, derbys, and brogues, it’s the Italians and Americans who have come up with the best slip-ons. In the US, there are boat shoes, tassel loafers, penny loafers, and various incarnations of the handsewn moccasin; in Italy, there are Gucci horsebit loafers and driving mocs. The number of Italian styles in this case is smaller than what the Americans have to offer, but their significance is no less important. It’s the Italian slip-on that you want if you need something on the dressier side of casual.”

On Curation (A Suitable Wardrobe)
“Of late the term “curation” has been bandied about on numerous websites that appear to promote fanciful verbiage over actual content. We have thus seen various webstores and physical stores praised for the exceptional curation of their merchandise. Heritage brands, another painful malapropism, sometimes announce the appointment of brand curators in order, I guess, to gently extract all that backed-up heritage they have yet to share with the world.”

Musella Dembech – bespoke at home (Permanent Style)
“The Musella family’s style today is rooted in the north-Italian cut of all these names, with a few idiosyncratic details such as two broad rows of stitching across the top of patched chest pockets. The structure is lighter than other Milanese tailors, but the style is not Neapolitan, despite suggestions elsewhere. Other things that distinguish it are: a carefully worked shoulder, that sits close all round and is slightly forward of most cuts; a full sleeve with an egg-shaped crown; unflapped pockets on suits; high-waisted trousers with two pleats; 5cm turn-ups; and back trouser pockets that are curved and do not open.”